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Is Your Skin Slackening?
Lost Its Tone?

Have no fear: Indulge is here! With our expertise and the revolutionary Guinot products we use, we can help restore your skin’s suppleness and make it brighter and healthier-looking. Here’s what happens over time:

With age and fatigue, our skin can sag, lose firmness and become dull. Life has a way of doing that because we have so many things to do and so many decisions to make. We don’t get enough sleep. We don’t eat properly. And we don’t take the time to exercise regularly. We retain fluid, which can play havoc with our skin’s appearance. But with today’s advances in skin care, we can look our best by using the best products and arranging for an Indulge customized facial treatment. We recommend the following Guinot treatments to restore tone and firm your complexion:

  • Hydrodermie Lift – redefines facial contours with oxygenation and ionization
  • Liftosome – improves collagen levels with deep penetration and active ingredients
  • Beaute Neuve – restores immediate radiance through double-peeling action

With the Hydrodermie Lift and Liftosome treatments, Guinot Anti-Age Serum is applied with gentle massaging movements that will penetrate your skin with the active ingredients that smooth your features and oxygenate your skin cells for a visible firming effect.

For sagging skin, slackening skin, or skin that has lost its tone, contact Indulge. We’ll have you looking more youthful in just a few treatments!

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