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It’s not just the economy that’s weakening; your facial fibers are too!

Loss of firmness comes, quite simply, from aging. It can also be caused by extreme weight loss. The treatments we recommend will work to counteract the effects of time:

  • firming your facial appearance and profile
  • increasing the volume of the facial muscles
  • plumping those muscles to fill in the wrinkles

In your 20s, your muscles are naturally plump…but when you hit about 35, the muscles lose their volume. The cure? Guinot calls its revolutionary Hydrodermie Lift “facial gymnastics”. If you want to strengthen the elasticity of your skin, redefine your facial contours, and create a lifting effect, this series is for you. Book your first four treatments now!

Meanwhile, you can get great results at home as well with these scientifically developed products from Guinot. Using these products will enhance and prolong the effectiveness of all Indulge’s facial treatments:

Recommended products for home:

  • Lait Hydra Fraicheur Refreshing Cleansing Milk is for all skin types, softening and smoothing the complexion; for dryer, more delicate skin, try Lait Hydra Comfort Moisture Rich Cleansing Milk with its rich, creamy texture.
  • Gommage Grain d’Eclat or Gommage Biologique rejuvenates your skin, gently exfoliating the dead skin cells that build up and weigh your skin down. Use twice per week for best results.
  • Masque Energie Lift instantly smoothes wrinkles and erases the signs of fatigue; also brightens the skin by boosting cellular renewal. Only use 2x per week
  • Serum Energie Lift is an in-depth intensive treatment that firms and regenerates the cells. For a quicker result, apply Serum Energie Lift under other Guinot creams to smooth out skin irregularities. To be used as a 1-month boost under makeup or applied in the evening.
  • Crème Energie Lift is a rich lifting cream that firms facial contours and restores a bright complexion.
  • Base 777 Energie Lift day cream is designed to protect the skin while smoothing and toning. It also repairs the elastic tissue that firms the skin. For best results, apply in the morning.
  • Liftosome Lifting Cream is very light moisturizer with a firming and lifting action that redefines facial contours. Can be used all year long, and may be substituted for the Base 777 Energie Lift.

The Lift that Lasts

For longer-lasting, instantly visible results with the Hydradermie Lift, we recommend 4 treatments, with 1 treatment per week. For ongoing lifting maintenance we recommend 1 treatment per month along with an eye or neck lift for increased youthfulness. Please allow 1.5 hours for this treatment.