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Our Hair Removal at Indulge Salon is set up in a private room in a clean
atmosphere. Our specialists are licensed in PA and are thoroughly trained
in the art of hair removal. They are quick but not always painless depending
on the areas of the body.

The facial hair removal includes the forehead, the eyebrows, corners of the eyebrows, cheeks, chin, upper lip and the neck.

The hairline can grow down further than than wanted. Since this occurs naturally
through heredity or hormones, we have the ability to wax the hair comfortably
without making it look unnatural.

The neck and back of the neck is great for men that hate shaving every day. It is
impossible for men to see the back of their necks yet try to sustain an even line.
This is a quick solution for on the go business men.

Body hair removal can be sensitive around the nipples, and the ankles. We will not
perform a removal on men in the genital area. To sensitive. We can groom this area for the ultra defined man who enjoys a clean appearance. Backs, lower backs and chest hair removal is great for the man that enjoys a smooth look at the beac.
Schedule at least 24-48 hours prior to leaving for your trip for best results.

Brazilian, Bikin, Stomach hair is challenging for women going through hormal changes. It will grow faster than normal in places you didn’t think you had. All
of the treatments are respectful and please shower prior to your services. Do not
use overly drying products or moisturizers they can prevent a good stick with our waxing products.

Sensitivities are tough when your skin has a tendency to redden. Let the specialist
know before hand so that she can guide you and use the appropriate products to minimize or numb the area.

Please wear comfortable undergarments to move your “manliness” aside to assist
in the grooming process. We like to maintain a professional atmosphere at all times.

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