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Brazilian waxing vs shaving

June 29, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Caring for your Skin, facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, waxing

I have to comment….who wants to shave every day? Nobody that I know of. We have done

countless brazilian waxes. Do you know what a brazilian waxing service consists of?

The brazilian waxing service consists of the entire frontal pubic area and the labia (the lips) and the back

of the buttocks and everything in between. I know it may be uncomfortable to hear but when you need to

be clean and ready for vacation you do what it takes. We have a numbing cream that will help reduce the pain

but it won’t take it away totally. It makes it more bearable. So, with that being said I want to offer

some suggestions to have a successful waxing service. First of all come in after a fresh shower to keep your

private areas clean. Do not use a harsh detergent to scrub because this may make your areas more

sensitive and we know that pulling the hair out by the root is quick by not painless.  the same goes

for all other body parts. We will apply a light antiseptic, the some powder so the wax and the strip

will adhere and it pulls off more efficiently. Any questions? send me your questions here

as a comment and I will be happy to answer them.

Now shaving. Shaving is a low cost at home that normally you can use a soap and you know

that I recommend our goats milk soaps that are so gentle on the skin that shaving is a glide.

Always rinse thoroughly so you don’t leave anything left behind and use a moisturizer that will

protect your skin and moisturize after this major exfoliation. If you have to choose

between a shave and a wax, we recommend the waxing because it lasts up to 3 weeks sometimes

longer  if your hair doesn’t grow in as quickly. Leave the hair grow out to about 1/4″  so that

the waxing specialist has something to grip. Enjoy more free time with your waxing service.