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Seaweed in skincare rich in minerals, vitamins

April 14, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

I wanted to talk about the minerals, viatmins and amino acids that are loaded in 

in seaweed. The complex values between nutritional to skincare regimes have

known in cultures for centuries. Nice to know we are getting back to basics, however,

with the current technology consumers are taking a closer look at their purchasing

choices that feature more natural ingredients that support their skin from the insdie

out.  Did you know their are biological similiarities between seawater and human plasma.

The balance of nutrients in marine ingredients are similar to what the human tissue

needs. This was explained by Angela Eriksen-Stanley, the director of education for

Phytomer Group.  Our goal at the salon is to enhance and catalyze the skin’s repair

process along with the marine products that will sooth and heal tissue rapidly which we

call cell recovery. The process of the new skin cells coming up from underneath what

you see on the top takes about 38-30 days. To appear younger and keep our skin

younger looking we must work from the inside out by correcting damage underneath

the cells will be repaired and smooth out the skin on top with constant renewal. This is

why so many medspas and salon facial treatments are effective in removing the

dead skin with fruit acids, hyluronic acids to slough off, clean off the dead cells that

accumulate their appearing to “wrinkle”. When we constant remove them from the

surface, our new skin will move to the top quickly and give our skin the fresh look

and more  youthful appearance. Did you know there are over 40,000 species of

seaweed? Fascinating. Thousands of types of algae available, product formulators

have their work cut out which I have experienced. Every little item that you put into

a mixture will have an effect on the result and outcome of the product. One comment

was made believing that peptides extracted from green microalgae Chlorella

provide amazing antiaging benefits. the peptides derived from it provide amino

 acids to the fibroblasts. This helps to make collagen cellulite reduce . The

bacteria Thermus thermophilus contain enzymes that help protect the skin

 itself.  This particular bacertia was found on the coast of Japan in 1971 and

 is extremely stable because of the harsh environment that is was growing in. 

 Though you might find this interesting, as we age Stem cells make repairs to

 our skin, but as we age they slow and even lose their ability to move around

 in the tissue to where repairs are needed.

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