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Secrets your mother never taught you:

How to gain a more youthful appearance

Unfortunately, many mothers don’t have the education or experience to help their daughters learn how to care for their skin properly or offer guidance on the best products. They are too busy working, taking care of their kids, and making ends meet. But with the information available on the Internet and today’s treatments, there are no excuses for not protecting your skin—and helping it look great at any age.

We can help. For mature women, treating your skin is a must, not a luxury. When we don’t look good, we don’t feel good. That goes for our skin, hair, and nails, because what shows on the outside is a reflection of who we are (and how we’re feeling on the inside).

“Let us help you make some good decisions on the best treatment for your skin. As you begin to treat your skin better and start seeing results, our skin care specialists can guide you. They can direct you to different products for different seasons, ensuring the greatest benefit for your specific needs.”

The Liftosome “Rejuventating–Lifting” Treatment

Liftosome is totally dedicated to the firming and youthfulness of skin, thanks to Guinot Pro Collagen Concentrate. This active ingredient helps promote elasticity and works in concert with the modeling effect of the Guinot Thermolift Mask.

The Guinot Pro Collagen Concentrate is an intensive treatment that penetrates deeply. It can be used in conjunction with Hydradermie or Beaute Neuve treatments to lift and tone as well as diminish wrinkles around the eyes.”

This combination treatment:

-cleanses and regenerates with essential vitamins and herbs

-creates a diffusion of active ingredients that warm the skin

-gently cools, then relaxes yet tightens the skin

-brightens and purifies the complexion

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