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Become a Younger You!

With our scientifically developed Guinot products and treatments, you’ll see immediate results.

Kimberly has invested in these treatments specifically for the age group she is most passionate about: women over 40. For a more luminous, youthful complexion starting today, select from these facials:

Hydradermie Lift—Working at the cellular level, this dramatic treatment will transform your skin by detoxifying, stimulating and “lifting” your skin. It’s a full facial plus revolutionary techniques developed in France. You’ll know it worked from the compliments you’ll get!

Liftosome—In this rejuvenating treatment, our specially trained aesthetician will apply the patented Pro Collagen Concentrate as well as the Thermolift Mask. The Liftosome achieves a deeper penetration with natural active ingredients that create a visible lifting effect, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin.

RESEARCH BREAKTHROUGH! Guinot products work so well because they were developed in a hospital setting in France to treat burns. Imagine what they can do for normal skin!