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Just Plain Irritated!

Is your skin irritated? At Indulge, we can help. Irritated skin is more of a short-term situation. Breakouts here and there. Some flare-ups around the nose or just agitated skin with bumps and roughness.

Skiers are notorious for having irritated skin because the wind whips at their faces, causing temporary redness, like a sunburn. Speaking of sunburn, when the sun burns the skin it becomes agitated and sensitive to the touch. I’m sure you have seen (or have been) “one of those people” who have fair skin lying on the beach fast asleep! They wake up in the afternoon with lobster-red skin and can barely move. This is what we call irritated skin—a temporary situation with a critical need.

But there’s good news: the Guinot products we recommend and use in our treatments will instantly take the burn away and help protect your skin until either it turns into a tan or peels off. Just be careful with the sun! It’s not the same as it used to be, now that the ozone layer is thinning month after month. This makes it dangerous to be out for long periods without adequate sunscreen protection. Children have the highest opportunity for sun damage to the cells in the sun if they are out without protection, but all of us need to be careful.

Try these recommended Guinot treatments and products to help ease your irritated skin:

Hydradermie improves the tone and contours of the face while oxygenating and creating a cool-down effect, soothing irritated skin.

Aromatic is designed to strengthen your own natural skin defenses and moisturizes the skin, giving it much-needed protection from the elements.

Recommended products for use at home:

Hydra Tendre gently cleanses even the most sensitive skin.

Gommage Biologique is a fruit-based deep cleanser to be used 1-2x per week; it works to rejuvenate sensitive skin.

Baume Anti-Rougeurs Anti-Redness Treatment treats and conceals redness. It contains a green pearl that neutralizes redness and helps to restore an even complexion. This will soothe and moisturize. Use day and night continuously, for at least 3 months