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Three Secrets to Stimulating Your Skin

1. Our skin care specialists utilize ionization, which is mild electrotherapy, along with gentle massaging movements of special rollers. These help the plant-based active ingredients penetrate more deeply into your skin, deeply cleansing the skin and revealing a fresher, more youthful appearance.

2. Oxygenation is a high-frequency technique that oxygenates and energizes the cells at a very deep level, as well as creating an anti-bacterial effect.

3. A customized mask and relaxing, lifting massage relieves tension in the muscles, and boosts the skin to leave it in a refreshed state. Muscles that are exercised will regain their tone, and this step accomplishes this important benefit. Using lymphatic drainage, the Hydradermie Lift helps reduce the puffiness caused by excess fluid and toxins trapped in your skin. By leeching the fluid and toxins, the lymphatic drainage cleanses your complexion, leaving it clean, supple, and healthy.