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A facelift without the cost or recovery time? Actually, yes.

A good plastic surgeon can do wonders for your self-esteem by bringing up the muscles, lifting the eyes and removing the pouches under the eyes…but do you have the money and the time to heal properly? With the daily demands of life, the stress alone can slow down a healing process.

The “facelift without a facelift”

The Hydradermie Lift treatment is as close to a facelift as you can get—without the exorbitant fees, chemicals, and recovery time. A facelift will relax eventually because your facial muscles were moved up and will fall over time…not to mention any complications. Instead, do your face a favor: Treat yourself to a Hydradermie Lift at Indulge Salons and start looking your best today…naturally.

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Just like exercise for the body, exercise for the face may be neglected for many years. As a result, it loses its tone and elasticity, which keep the muscles pulled up. The Hydradermie Lift is an exclusive Guinot treatment with massage techniques that stimulate the muscles and bring oxygen to the skin by increasing the blood flow to the epidermis (the top layer of your skin). The “facelift without a facelift” is performed by our thoroughly trained skin care specialists. As a privileged provider of the Guinot products and treatments, Indulge brings you exclusive techniques and knowledge that will turn back the clock.

Ever wonder where your jaw line went? – With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined, and signs of aging show on the face over the years. Lifting treatments act on the skin’s actual structure, re-establishing the network of epidermis and firming the dermis, the layer where the cell activity and growth take place. By stimulating the facial muscles, the Hydradermie Lift tones and exerts a visible “lifting” of the features.

For best results, schedule 4 treatments, one per week, and maintain 1 treatment per month for enhanced firmness. Treatment requires approximately 1.5 hours and is very pleasant and relaxing.

The Healing Process

Remember, the skin repairs itself at night. If you’re worried, run down from lack of sleep, or running to the bathroom during the night, that can slow down the healing process too. Unless you have good eating habits (plenty of phytonutrients such as green foods), when your new skin comes to the top, it won’t stay clear and youthful.

Learn techniques for healing and health of your skin by talking with one of our licensed aestheticians at Indulge.

What’s the Real Cost?

These days, a facelift will cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $25,000. That includes hospital charges, the bill for the anesthesiologist, the plastic surgeon’s fee, etc. Botox injections can cost hundreds of dollars and can damage your health and your brain—or even be fatal. Studies show that botox moves away from the site of injection and interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses in the body, potentially affecting swallowing and breathing.

Facelifts and botox treatments can also leave your face unnatural-looking and expressionless. And the bruising and swelling that requires two or three weeks to fade after a facelift may require more time than you can afford to take off from your job or daily life.

Go natural…with a Hydradermie Lift treatment. Contact us today to start looking younger—the healthy way with plant-based, nurturing ingredients—right away.