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Hydra Sensitive Face Cream Desensitizing Protective Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin

Hydra Sensitive Face Cream Desensitizing Protective Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin

Become a younger you!


With our scientifically developed Guinot products and treatments, you’ll see immediate results.

Kimberly has invested in these treatments specifically for the age group she is most passionate about: women over 40. For a more luminous, youthful complexion starting today, select from the following products.

Recommended products for use at home:

  • Doux Demaquillant Hydrallergic: cleanses your skin, leaving it fresh and healthier
  • Gommage Biologique: helps remove dead cells, allowing the skin to breathe and be more open to repair
  • Serum Hydrallergic: helps prepare and desensitize your skin before repairing with the cellular life concentrates; use this product directly after your cleanser or Gommage Biologique
  • Masque Hydrallergic: instantly soothes irritation and heat sensations; the creamy texture helps calm your skin
  • Douceur De Vie: Use in the morning for daytime protection.
  • rebuilds and strengthens the skin from the inside through cellular life concentrates
  • soothes and desensitizes skin with relaxing essential oils of lavender, lemon, and chamomile
  • fights against UVA/UVB rays with SPF15 (recommended for use all year long)
  • helps with redness and heat

Apply 1 treatment per month or as often as needed to soothe your skin; allow 1 hour for the ingredients to penetrate your skin.

Afraid to try anything new for fear it will make your face break out?

We understand that fear, especially if you have a big event coming up. In this case, feel free to come in for a sample of these products so you can try them two weeks in advance. In some instances, the breakouts can become worse before they get better. We recommend you talk with our skin care specialist to design a plan for treatment and maintenance.

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