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Guinot Classic European

This amazing facial is a classic treatment that is always popular. Customized for your skin type, the Classic European treatment uses only the Guinot products that are applicable for your specific needs at the time of your facial. As you know, with increased treatments and proper home maintenance, your skin will show improved results within 4 weeks. (this link will land users at the bottom of the slackening page/last paragraph)

As part of this facial, massage techniques are essential to manipulating the muscles and restoring facial tissue firmness. This treatment is not only great for your complexion, it is very relaxing and helps reconnect you to your inner being. It’s a nice time to be quiet and de-stress, and it allows our skin care specialist to focus entirely on you.

The classic treatment is designed to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate. It features:

  • skin analysis
  • deep pore cleansing and extraction
  • gentle exfoliation
  • a oxygenating masque
  • moisturizing serums

We recommend 1 treatment per month for relaxation; the classic facial can be scheduled in between other intensive treatments to keep your skin healthy and restore moisture and suppleness.