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Is Your Skin Tight? You Don’t Have to Break Out the Chisel!

Dry skin is itchy, tight, and hurts right after a shower. Makeup doesn’t hold very well and can cake up in the cracks of dry skin. But here’s the good news: Relief is on the way with Guinot products formulated specifically to nourish, provide comfort, and allow for a softer and more supple skin tone.

Salon treatments for super hydration, nutrition to the skin, and suppleness:

Hydradermie stimulates circulation and rehydrates thirsty skin, leaving it radiant and youthful-looking.

Aromatic rebalances your skin’s natural defenses while relaxing and de-stressing you!

Recommended treatment regime: Schedule 4 treatments, 1 per week, and maintain radiance with a once-a-month appointment for 6 months.

Recommended products for use at home:

  • Lait Hydra Confort is a moisture-rich, creamy cleansing milk your skin will love. For very dry skin, try Lotion Hydra Confort, an alcohol-free toning lotion loaded with moisture-enhancing properties or Hydra Tendre, a soft wash-off cleansing cream that gently removes makeup while it gently cleanses dry skin.
  • Serum Nutri-Neuve Confort Gel Serum intensely nourishes deep down for optimum comfort. Enriched with vitamins for fast-acting hydration, this serum leaves a soft, silky finish on your skin. Use once a month or daily for best results.
  • Masque Essentiel Nutrition Confort is a moisture-rich masque that nourishes your complexion with essential oils that soothe and tone instantly. For increased nutrition apply Serum Nutri-Neuve Confort under the Masque Essentiel.
  • Crème Nutrition Confort Continuous Nourishing and Protecting Cream works constantly to protect your skin and restore radiance with the help of essential oils. Apply morning and evening for a more luminous complexion.
  • Nutrizone Intensive Nourishing Cream’s anti-free radicals and powerful antioxidants ensure lasting protection for your skin. Regenerates and restores suppleness to your skin.

Afraid to try a new product on your sensitive skin? Come in for a free sample and see for yourself the difference Guinot products can make in your appearance!