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A Few Notes and A Guarantee For Your Health

Because of related health risks, we cannot perform treatments with galvanic currents, ionization or high-frequency vibrations if you:

  • are pregnant
  • wear a pacemaker
  • have an implanted defibrillator

It is your responsibility to inform us of these conditions so that we can protect your health.

Everyone Is Different

Because each of us as individuals is an original, we cannot guarantee the same results for each person for each Guinot skin treatment or product.

What we can guarantee is that you will see improvement immediately from

the treatment we have designed based on your input, participation, and honesty about your skin, lifestyle, and any medications you are taking at the time of service.

What to Expect

In order to prepare for your treatment, we recommend the following:

  1. Prepare for your personalized consult – bring any pertinent details about your medical history, current medications, home regimen, and any challenges you are currently experiencing with regard to your skin so that we can customize your treatments and teach you how to best care for your most visible feature—your face!
  2. Change into a robe – Feel free to keep your undergarments on if you feel more comfortable, but the ideal situation is to provide our trained skin care specialists with a smooth surface and easy flow to the back of your neck and your décolletage (shoulders, neck and upper chest area), which, due to sun damage, etc., needs as much care as your face and neck.
  3. Give honest feedback – communicate your feelings to our trained aestheticians clearly; that way they can adjust your treatment for your comfort and the best results. Whether you are uncomfortable with the level of galvanic current or the massage pressure, we want to know! Our goal is to relieve stress, not cause it!
  4. Consider a customized regimen for your complexion – After we evaluate your skin, we will suggest a customized plan with the best treatments and products for your skin’s specific needs. We will also teach you a new regimen that will keep your face looking its best, and can schedule any follow-up treatments at this time.
  5. Expect a courtesy call – We will call you to follow up and make sure that you understand how to apply each product you purchased. Feel free to express any concerns about your skin, your experience at Indulge, or any problems you may be having with a particular product. We want to help your face become brighter and more radiant every day.