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Hydrazone for really tight dry skin

Hydrazone for really tight dry skin


Feel like your face is going to crack from being so tight?

You know the feeling you get after you have washed your face with your favorite scrub or cleanser. You hop out of the shower, and all of a sudden you feel your mouth opening to stretch this way and that to loosen your face.

This is a perfect picture of dry skin. The fact is, your skin needs moisture—and the longer-lasting the moisture, the better, because dry skin ages prematurely. That’s why it’s so essential to lock in moisture daily. To hydrate as well as create softness and flexibility that will last, Guinot recommends the following treatments. Scientifically developed, these treatments and products will:

  • promote a brighter complexion
  • help reduce fine lines
  • stimulate circulation
  • smooth away wrinkles

Moisture-Restoring Salon Treatments

Hydrating Products You Can Use at Home