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The Cancer Contender

June 06, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Uncategorized

As society is ever changing, one “accessory” that is here to stay is our cell phone. Once attached at our hip, it is usually now attached to our ears. You can’t walk very far without seeing a passing stranger talking incessantly on her cell phone.

Although it is convenient, cell phone radio waves may have a huge affect on the quality of not just our skin, but our health. In an article, written by Sue Mueller of, Mueller writes that a study in Finland showed that radio frequency could be a contributor of altered proteins in our skin. Additionally, according to, “radio waves could also be a factor of sleep disorders, headaches, or allergy-like symptoms.” Cancer is the big discussion after all. So many studies are underway to determine the affects of radio waves on skin and its ability to cause cancer.

Although there does not seem to be enough sufficient proof that cell phone radio waves are the main cause all of these physiological concerns, it does seem to make sense that issues would arise from our need to be on our tellys 24/7.

It doesn’t seem that the outcome is good either way. Radio waves, TV waves, Cell waves…they all could be main contenders in our battle with Cancer and other health issues.

Until we have some invention that prevents radio waves from accessing the proteins and cells in our bodies, we certainly shouldn’t brush this under the rug. Be aware of how often you are on the phone. Turn it off when you can do without it. Spend more time with family and friends and leave the phone at home.

Egyptian Musk with Citrus is a hit!

April 07, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Uncategorized

Clients are clamouring into the salon and repurchasing the new Egyptian Musk.

It comes in a creme’ pronounced Creme Brulee’. The lotion is really light as

our customers have described. You know I love feedback with any of our

products and services. Our clients have expressed that they don’t like the

“greasy” feel and you know that we don’t want the grease feel on our clothes

linens or anything else our skin comes in contact with. When you use the

Body Butter Bars, remember they are for the ultimate moisturization and then

if you feel that a little scent would enhance your perfume than that would

be a great addition plus the light moisture added. I’m so proud that we don’t

have the junk in our products like so many other moisturizing lines. I know

because I have been seeking out the best products to compare ours to ensure

that our clients are receiving the best result for their skin. If you would like

to share with me your favorite product and why. I would truly love to hear

what you have to say. Thanks for participating. Oh, by the way, we are having

a Sensory Experience April 20th. We will be doing blindfold tests that you

can participate in and feel a variety of textures of creams and lotions. Call

me personally if you are interested. The time is 7p-9p in Dover PA. Call me

at 717.846.4424 to put you on the VIP list. Refreshments and a gift for

participating will be awaiting you!