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Secret revealed here to maintain your beauty at Indulge Salon, York PA

June 03, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars, mother of the bride

Alex Acworth was glowing on her wedding day!

Alex Acworth was glowing on her wedding day!

As you know, my daughter Alex Acworth recently married on April 28th, 2012. She looked absolutely radiant in her wedding dress. I have never seen my daughter as beautiful as she was that day.

As for being the mother of the bride, we mothers know how stressful the activities can be leading up to the day. I broke out in a skin rash all over my body that I did not recognize. It looked like little patches of redness and did itch like crazy. It was stress and after it was all over, it started to go away. Now the facial skin I had been working with our skin care specialist for months to make sure I looked good in the photos at the wedding.

We started off with her analyzing my skin. She promptly told me that I had sun damage (from earlier years laying out in the sun being a sun worshiper) was still on my face in spots. I even exfoliate like I’m suppose to. However; that was not enough for a dramatic change in my skin. I started with my first peel that was a little more agressive yet willing to take the chance of looking better than I have lately. I peeled. I looked great. I had a second one a month later and didn’t peel as much since I probably didn’t have to take as much dead skin layers off as the first time. I’m so glad that I did it. I felt beautiful at 47 years of age and looked better than I have in the past few years.

Ladies, I recommend the peels. Whether you need an agressive peel to really eliminate the sallow, yellowish look from damaged skin or just feeling like you have sluggish skin or just plain want to look more polished than a peel is for you. We have been introducing some really nice peels that do not peel as agressively as mine did for over the summer. Remember you have to stay out of the sun to protect your skin. So bring out the big hats to shade your fresh skin. It’s totally worth it. The newest peels are a Triple Enzyme peel that exfoliates from beneath the skin and will not peel. the enzymes are great for all skin types from young to mature. It will reduce the bacterial and remove the dead skin cells giving a super clean feel, tones and firms the skin for a polished glow. View more information in detail about our chemical peels and skin peels at

The second peel we are introducing is the Antioxidant Ex-fusion which is LOADED with nutrients, antioxidants that will provide oxygen to the cells while protecting and repairing the cells. Realizing that we need to put up a protective barrier is essential to really good skin. I don’t know if you know this but your skin has little free radicals in there working against your beauty not for it. We must give the skin support to fight these little free radicals. I know I joke about this but girls, we must continue to fight for our youthfulness and beauty.

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NEW skin cream from Guinot at Indulge Salon

May 28, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: Announcements, Caring for your Skin, Guinot Skin Care products

Light weight hydrating cream for dry skin that has Purisoft and Cocoa butter ingredients
Light weight hydrating cream for dry skin that has Purisoft and Cocoa butter ingredients

We have received a NEW skin cream from Guinot that provides a

barrier for the skin from the free radicals and the environmental pollution that can cause skin damage over a period of time.
This new skin cream has Purisoft in to provide a silky feel to the skin.  Clients that have used this said their skin felt so much better
after the first use.
The person that enjoys this skin cream loves a natural feel with such
 a light texture.

Aging skin and a Menopause go hand-in-hand for women at least 40 years of age

July 23, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Caring for your Skin, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

I have reached the “age” where I’m irritated with some hot flashes when its not hot in the house. I can’t wait to take my clothes off when I get home from work and put on some lighter clothing. I have also noticed the need for “time for myself” has become so much more important than it used to be. I like to be alone with my thoughts. If you know me, you know that I do not not like anything competing with my thoughts such as loud rock music from my staff, somebody talking to me while I’m in deep thought, trying to concentrate on writing some materials fro work and just the enjoyment of quiet time. I’m a fan of myself. I don’t know if you girls feel this way but I know that with the involvement of trying to maintain my youthful self there are activities I must do to ensure my fabulousness continues into my older years.

Symptoms of menopause are curious in the fact that hair grows out on the chin and other private areas that you certainly didn’t expect in your 30’s. Increased irritability when you don’t know why you snapped at someone that you really liked but maybe they just looked at you wrong. Normally this is a co-worker or family member. Wrinkles appearing around the eyes a little more deeper than the day before, sagging neck and cheeks ever so slightly, soft skin that has turned a little rougher due to the slower skin cell turnover, hyper pigmentation (dark spots on the face or body) and the bikini you used to where now looks like a thong. Geez, it’s not pretty naked girls! 

The most noticeable item I see is the dark spots on the side of my face. I used to be cute but now a little more camoflage is needed to maintain my cuteness. They call this hyper pigmentation where you can either bleach it out but you can’t be out in the sun. So its a choice. Hmm. Sum or bleaching. Well, I was bad and chose the sun because it feels so good. Don’t tell Priscilla our skin care specialist she will have my hyde!

The word “older” has a different meaning than it did when I was 20. I used to think my mother was older like a dinasour. Now that I have reached 46 seeing older clients still active and involved in social activities and being social and still having an active sex life has more meaning. I see what their goals are and where they are at in their life. I see what I want and my goal was to retire from working behind the chair at 40. As you can see, I am working harder and have remained engaged with my business and feel better than I have ever felt mentally in my life. Now physically is a different matter. My sisters were always aerobic, active weight lifters and the results are that they have killer bodies into their 40’s. I on the other hand have struggled with the pooch in the front and the back boobs which are disgusting and since I turned 40, it got worse. No matter which diet or excersize program I encountered the weight was not coming off. Since this past year, I was determined to get the fat off. Will I be back to 125 lbs? I’m working towards that.  I wish but am happy to reduce the pant size at least by 1 size this year. Small steps. I often tell the nurses that care for my 17 year old son, I’m taking one for the team. This means that we are all in the same boat of the weightloss frustration. The one nurse is always purchasing the next diet program. God love her, I participate and get as excited as she does. We are a team and we are going to win 1 lb at a time. When we are down, we pick each other up, when we are up we high five in the kitchen. Whatever it takes is the mental game we play. I have a vision board that clearly describes what I want to look in that bikini. I’m sure you purchased some workout tapes that you were inspired to do every day until that day comes and you just don’t feel like it. Or the day that you are premenstral and you had to have the chocolate and didn’t think about the consequences of the bag of Hershey Golden Nuggets. I certainly didn’t when I was have a high emotional eating day until I had to do sit ups and couldn’t get up. I felt like a bus ran over me and swore I would never eat chocolate again. forget the moderation, NEVER AGAIN it wasn’t worth doing so many sit ups, crunches, lunges, and finally the frog position on the ball. Humiliation at its best.

As I was speaking to one of my wonderful customers whom I admire her figure and dedication to working out, she told me it would take 6 months to 1 year to see major results. I was shocked and angry at myself. I am going to stick to drinking lots of water and yes I’m still running to McDonalds every morning for my habitual large diet soda. Eventually, I will lose the soda and just stick with water and the protein in the morning. The experts say that the whey protein really helps weight loss. I say is this marketing or true. The one thing I absolutely value is the intense vitamins that you get in a drink. As we eat processed food we aren’t as a society getting all of the nutrients necessary to healthful living.

So girls, I now have a mantra. I AM WOMAN hear me ROAR! Lets take one for the team even if its 20 minutes here and there.  some solutions to our challenges are:

a. purchase an active peptide moisturization cream – we use Guinot products

b. Retinols or AHA’s gently turn over the cells whic h lighten the dark spots, smooth the skin texture and give the skin a glow.

c. Eye creams to add lipids to the thinner, more delicate skin tissue that becomes sensitive and dry

d. use hydrating serums or gels that add water and calm the skin when applied under moisturizers. I use serums because they go into the skin deeper especially during the summer months. I am dedicated to this.

e. Body lotions with AHA’s to smooth rough skin

f. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, A, E, or others to help fight free radical damage and encourage collagen production. This is important at our age.

So even if we take better care of our skin, we have other issues to contend with such as aging parents with their health problems, adult day care, empty nesting (my daughter graduated from college and moved to Texas) and now I have to think about funding a retirement program that the government may not be able to supplement even though I have contributed for a gazillion years while working. So I have shifted as many other woman have to looking at quality of life and maximizing my time and living values that are important to me. I also have shifted to choosing to be around really positive people. The environment you are in and around will affect or infect your health and mental well being. Protect it.

The Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap

July 05, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Caring for your Skin, Guinot Skin Care products

Goat’s Milk: The benefits

There are many amazing articles on the benefits of Goat’s Milk. is an excellent resource for learning the benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap.

Ph Level:

Keeping a balanced Ph level is extremely important for our bodies to maintain a healthy weight with minimal, if any, issues. The Ph of Goat’s Milk soap  is like that of human skin, therefore, it helps combat invasions of unfriendly bacteria and chemicals harmful to our bodies.


There are many fats and natural creams found in Goat’s Milk. It’s smooth and creamy texture helps to create a barrier against the harsh environments we live in. It’s fantastic for moisture, and if you’re not an extremely dry person, you could possibly even substitute Goat’s Milk soap for your daily moisturizer.

Sensitive Skin:

Alcohol, Petroleum, and Preservatives are only a few of the additives that can be found in commercialized, mass-produced skin care products. These additives can help to irritate skin by furthering an already noticeable rash, or becoming the main cause of a new skin problem.


Eczema is a skin condition where red, itchy patches of skin are found on the body. It’s extremely dry, and many people use Goat’s Milk soap because of the nutrients found in natural goat’s milk. It reduces the itchiness caused by the Eczema.


Goat’s Milk Soap helps acne and acne-prone skin because of all proteins power-packed into goat’s milk soap.


Alpha-Hydroxy acids found in goat’s milk are an amazing way to buff off dry skin, leaving a smooth and silky surface.

Brazilian waxing vs shaving

June 29, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Caring for your Skin, facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, waxing

I have to comment….who wants to shave every day? Nobody that I know of. We have done

countless brazilian waxes. Do you know what a brazilian waxing service consists of?

The brazilian waxing service consists of the entire frontal pubic area and the labia (the lips) and the back

of the buttocks and everything in between. I know it may be uncomfortable to hear but when you need to

be clean and ready for vacation you do what it takes. We have a numbing cream that will help reduce the pain

but it won’t take it away totally. It makes it more bearable. So, with that being said I want to offer

some suggestions to have a successful waxing service. First of all come in after a fresh shower to keep your

private areas clean. Do not use a harsh detergent to scrub because this may make your areas more

sensitive and we know that pulling the hair out by the root is quick by not painless.  the same goes

for all other body parts. We will apply a light antiseptic, the some powder so the wax and the strip

will adhere and it pulls off more efficiently. Any questions? send me your questions here

as a comment and I will be happy to answer them.

Now shaving. Shaving is a low cost at home that normally you can use a soap and you know

that I recommend our goats milk soaps that are so gentle on the skin that shaving is a glide.

Always rinse thoroughly so you don’t leave anything left behind and use a moisturizer that will

protect your skin and moisturize after this major exfoliation. If you have to choose

between a shave and a wax, we recommend the waxing because it lasts up to 3 weeks sometimes

longer  if your hair doesn’t grow in as quickly. Leave the hair grow out to about 1/4″  so that

the waxing specialist has something to grip. Enjoy more free time with your waxing service.

Take two quick tests to see if your eye wrinkles are dry or due to aging

June 05, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Caring for your Skin, facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

Are fine lines just a sign of dryness? see if dryness is magnifying your creases take a simple test: Apply a moisture Masque such as Guinot Hydra Mask and leave it on for the recommended time. When you rinse it off, does  your skin look fresher?  fuller? smoother? If it does look better than your skin was dehydrated. If it doesn’t look any different,your lines then are age related. I know that stinks but you can add some wrinkle fighting retinol, peptides or antioxidants into your routine. A wrinkle serum such as Guinot Age Logic Cellular Renewal is benefitial to helping to reduce the size of wrinkles and minimize them. Age Logic Cellular Eye Renewal Serum

Do you really have sensitive skin? More than 40% of Americans “believe” they do but not all of the self Doctoring

proves true. Dermatologists check for the condition in part by asking a series of question such as:

Does your skin typically turn red and blotchy when irritated?

Is it prone to allergic reactions?

Does your skin burn easily in the sun and windburn when outside?

does it flush from changes in temperatures both hot and cold?

is it dry, delicate and thin almost translucent? 

When you are at home, study your face in a magnifying mirror preferrably with a light so you can see close up. The pores of sensitive skin tend to look pink due to inflammation. This little clue was mentioned by Dr. Dennis Gross, MD,  a cosmetic dermatologist in New York City. If you do have sensitive skin, avoid gritty scrubs and harsh ingredients like alcohol, acids, and benzoly peroide; only use calming cleansers and ltoins containing natural anti-inflammatories adn antioxidants. I recommend the Indulge Body Butter lotions that are super light and almost good enough to eat. The ingredients are almost 100% natural safe to use on the face. These lotions and creams can only be purchased at Indulge Salon. For a location nearest year check out the locations tab at

Indulge Body butter lotion safe for the face and smoothes easily without waxes and polymers

Indulge Body butter lotion safe for the face and smoothes easily without waxes and polymers

Test sample creams of body butter at Indulge Salon York PA

May 25, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Announcements, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

The first rule of thumb is to stick with well known and established products. Get whatever samples you can. Some creams are very heavy and not suitable for use in hot and humid weather and you might not like the feel of them on your skin. Ask if you can use the product for 30 days with a money back guarantee if you don’t see results. Don’t believe the claim that you have to use a company’s entire product line to see any results. Most companies have made a fortune with “add-on” products like cleansers, toners, and serums. The moisturizer and the serum are usually the highest priced products. Buy only the moisturizer. You will get the best bang for your buck from the moisturizer as it is used over the entire face as opposed to the serum, which is generally only used on trouble spots such the area around the eyes and lips. If you find you like the moisturizer then try the cleanser, and so on. Read up on the product. There is a wealth of information on line and many sites such as have already done a lot of the work for you by evaluating many wrinkle creams to see if they live up to their claims.

Ultimately, the best thing that you can do is take care of your skin from the inside out. We’re all stuck with whatever genetics we have but you can help yourself by not smoking, drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet. Avoid the sun at all costs and use a moisturizer or foundation with SPF protection every day. Have a monthly hydrating facial. After your first several facials you’ll definitely notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin, no matter what wrinkle cream you use.
Catherine Olivia: Article courtesy of

Are the artificial lights causing us to gain weight?

April 24, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

Here goes…another perspective on weight gain and guess where this one comes from? You guessed it. Artificial light. Back in the day when we had to run after our food for the nightly meal cooking over the fire pit, we now are accustomed to eating our meals indoors and by artificial light bulbs. Can you imagine we as humans used to spend 10 hours a day outdoors? That would be until Edison popped out the magical light bulb. The natural light regulated our circadian rhythms and energized our brain cells and bodies.

Today we spend less than 30 mnutes a day or a mere 3 hours per week in the daylight, according to Daniel Kripke, M.D. He has said that our circadian rhythms are dependent on light entering our eyes to regulare our body’s natural master clock. According to the quality and quantity of light received, key hormones and neurotransmitters like serotinin and melatonin are release in the brain to set our daily rythms. I can really relate to this due to my son being up at night for hours and I have a light or the computer light on which would affect my weight over the years. Certainly you feel more energized when you are outside and have the fresh air on my face. Today, most people suffer from mal-illumination which means lack of enough daily natural sunlight and too much indoor artificial light, especially at night.

The results of being out of our rythm can be:

  • weight gain
  • fatigue
  • depression,
  • headaches
  • pain
  • hormonal imbalances
  • sleep disorders
  • pms
  • lowered immune responses
  • vitaminD/calcium deficients and lack of vitality

Is there any wonder we are having skin and health issues. The average american will gain 8.5 lbs and getting type 2 diabetes. Even if excerising, we must avoid artificial fats (no fun) and the other bad stuff but essentially turn off the light at night will help regulate your body rythm. this is a good start to losing weight. The artificial light tricks our bodies into thinking it’s the season to eat all year round adn gain weight. Traitors to our own body.

Something we think is so simple by getting sleep will help the insulin be regulated, the cortisol be regulated just by getting regular sleep. Think about it.

How much sleep are you getting these days?

Vitamin D from the sun, is it safe to be in the sun?

April 22, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Guinot Skin Care products

So controversial this topic! The sun is up, the beach blanket is perfectly laid out without the bumps, you nestle yourself into your “spot” and let the sun do it’s work on your skin. Be careful not to go into the sun unprotected without your sunscreen. We carry a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect the skin from UVA/UVA damage. I was always a super tanner when I was a teenager and now I have freckles and dark spots that are on my shoulders and chest. Not cute. I wish I had been taught more about skin but honestly I didn’t care and it was all about the iodine oil slathered all over and I certainly looked red which stained my skin. It didn’t protect me at all. I also was brought up to use the cocoa butter straight off the block melted in the sun and I slathered that all over my body but had the most amazing brown skin a girl could have. I could have won a trophy on my browness.

The benefits of being outside and in the sun are a better emotional sense of well being. Certainly individuals that suffer from some depression get perked up during the summer months. Vitamin D is essential for our hair, skin and nails but now with the technology we have today, we can certainly enjoy one pill a month containing full strength Vitamin D without the scary effects of sun exposure. Even a littel bit of sun causes cellular damage that can lead to aging and cancer. Recommended daily supplement containing 400 to 1,000 IU are normal but as always check with your doctor on your Vitamin D levels.

Using the tannin bed will increase your risk for melanoma by up by 75% according to the Internation Agency for Research on Cancer and 90 percent of signs of aging such as wrinkles, brown spots are caused by UV radiation. Unfortunately, the skin will fade and the top layer will peel off but the damage has been done and can go to the deep levels of your skin depending on how badly the burn is. Remember seeing the big pasty white guys on the beach that looked like a lobster? Case in point he should have used more sun screen and built up to that type of intense sun. My favorite is when someone has fallen asleep and forgot to put on sunscreen and they had their hand across their face. While that lasts a few weeks until it fades.

Recommendation use self tanners because that will give you the feeling of a tan and you will likely spend less time in the sun. We have Guinot self tanners at Indulge Salon that are healthy and give an even tan.

Sugar and the effects on aging skin

April 17, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

This information will blow your mind. I personally am a huge intaker of sugar. It didn’t happen all at once. It happened about about 16 years ago when my son was in the hospital trying to stay alive. He was 11 weeks old at the time and hooked up to all kinds of machinery to keep him alive. I am happy to say that he is 17 now and still kicking. The point of this story is that I used to have a break during the time he was in intensive rehab and I went to McDonalds to have a break. My break was going through the drive through for a medium diet soda. Yep! Right there I said it. I put my order in for a beverage because I couldnt stomach the food and I paid them their 1.06, they handed it out and boom done. I didn’t have to ask any questions, they didn’t ask me any questions that required difficult decisions and they didnt know me. Even better. Long story short the mental release I get when I drive to McDonalds to this day every morning is all about the habit that was created. I truly have the sugar addiction which then I crave more sugar during the day. I couldn’t stay awake during the night if my son needed me after he was home from the hospital. I did everything to stay awake. If I hadn’t drank at least 4-7 32 oz of soda a day, I would be really tired. I have cut back since then but mentally I didn’t realize what I had been doing to my body. The cells over your body can become numb from taking in all of ththe sugar and then the body produces its own insulin which could cause our body to be resistant and age us eleven to twenty years of life. Some of the effects can become irreversible. But if caught early enough the outcome can be changed.

Blood sugar and insulin overload can lead to these results:

  • obesity
  • clinical depression
  • premature aging of the skin
  • hypertension
  • pandemic killers such as heart disease in women, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons

After this list, we should all quit right? Remember in order to quit something you have to replace with something that is more important to let go of the bad habit. This is a habit that we have told or allowed our bodies to just do it on automatic. Our body can be a traitor by being sneaky during blood tests. Our body is taught to survive so it will do anything to proetect helathy or unhealthy habits. This is why so many people have gone on diets yet to gain all their weight back and more.

To help kick this habit, our body has chemical reactions every day. Billions of transactions are happening without our knowledge. There is a word called Phorylation. this word will contribute to control weight, blood sugar, insulin levels and well lifespan. When insulin is released by the pancreas, it races to our muscle cells. Bottom line,  is this little miracle helps to control the adversary, helps control the insulin and blood sugar. The better insulin management, the younger you look and thinner you remain. Before I run out of space read more about ACCORD (Action to Control cCardiovascular Risk in Diabetes) study. I hope this brief infrioamtion will help you make better choices not just to look younger but to have a committment yourself and your family by cutting back on all those grocery story goodies that are packaged, candy, soda, etc.  Stay tuned on some basic preventative solutions to the sugar highs to reduce that natural insulin.