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What are these dark spots?

These brownish spots that can appear on your skin are hyper-pigmentation—in other words, they’re cells that are damaged or built up over time. At Indulge, we offer you the unmatched Guinot Clarmasque treatment to help fade brown spots and restore a more even complexion. Clarmasque is designed to lighten these areas with vitamin C and reduce the hyper-pigmentation.

Even with the help of Guinot products that reduce dark spots and brighten the skin, hyper-pigmentation will not completely disappear. In fact, because all complexions are different, Guinot does not guarantee this result. What we can do, though, is can slow down the re-appearance of these spots with special brightening products and high concentrations of treatment to those areas.

Don’t settle for “age spots”. Contact us today for younger-looking, more balanced skin.

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