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Are the artificial lights causing us to gain weight?

April 24, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

Here goes…another perspective on weight gain and guess where this one comes from? You guessed it. Artificial light. Back in the day when we had to run after our food for the nightly meal cooking over the fire pit, we now are accustomed to eating our meals indoors and by artificial light bulbs. Can you imagine we as humans used to spend 10 hours a day outdoors? That would be until Edison popped out the magical light bulb. The natural light regulated our circadian rhythms and energized our brain cells and bodies.

Today we spend less than 30 mnutes a day or a mere 3 hours per week in the daylight, according to Daniel Kripke, M.D. He has said that our circadian rhythms are dependent on light entering our eyes to regulare our body’s natural master clock. According to the quality and quantity of light received, key hormones and neurotransmitters like serotinin and melatonin are release in the brain to set our daily rythms. I can really relate to this due to my son being up at night for hours and I have a light or the computer light on which would affect my weight over the years. Certainly you feel more energized when you are outside and have the fresh air on my face. Today, most people suffer from mal-illumination which means lack of enough daily natural sunlight and too much indoor artificial light, especially at night.

The results of being out of our rythm can be:

  • weight gain
  • fatigue
  • depression,
  • headaches
  • pain
  • hormonal imbalances
  • sleep disorders
  • pms
  • lowered immune responses
  • vitaminD/calcium deficients and lack of vitality

Is there any wonder we are having skin and health issues. The average american will gain 8.5 lbs and getting type 2 diabetes. Even if excerising, we must avoid artificial fats (no fun) and the other bad stuff but essentially turn off the light at night will help regulate your body rythm. this is a good start to losing weight. The artificial light tricks our bodies into thinking it’s the season to eat all year round adn gain weight. Traitors to our own body.

Something we think is so simple by getting sleep will help the insulin be regulated, the cortisol be regulated just by getting regular sleep. Think about it.

How much sleep are you getting these days?

Vitamin D from the sun, is it safe to be in the sun?

April 22, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Guinot Skin Care products

So controversial this topic! The sun is up, the beach blanket is perfectly laid out without the bumps, you nestle yourself into your “spot” and let the sun do it’s work on your skin. Be careful not to go into the sun unprotected without your sunscreen. We carry a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect the skin from UVA/UVA damage. I was always a super tanner when I was a teenager and now I have freckles and dark spots that are on my shoulders and chest. Not cute. I wish I had been taught more about skin but honestly I didn’t care and it was all about the iodine oil slathered all over and I certainly looked red which stained my skin. It didn’t protect me at all. I also was brought up to use the cocoa butter straight off the block melted in the sun and I slathered that all over my body but had the most amazing brown skin a girl could have. I could have won a trophy on my browness.

The benefits of being outside and in the sun are a better emotional sense of well being. Certainly individuals that suffer from some depression get perked up during the summer months. Vitamin D is essential for our hair, skin and nails but now with the technology we have today, we can certainly enjoy one pill a month containing full strength Vitamin D without the scary effects of sun exposure. Even a littel bit of sun causes cellular damage that can lead to aging and cancer. Recommended daily supplement containing 400 to 1,000 IU are normal but as always check with your doctor on your Vitamin D levels.

Using the tannin bed will increase your risk for melanoma by up by 75% according to the Internation Agency for Research on Cancer and 90 percent of signs of aging such as wrinkles, brown spots are caused by UV radiation. Unfortunately, the skin will fade and the top layer will peel off but the damage has been done and can go to the deep levels of your skin depending on how badly the burn is. Remember seeing the big pasty white guys on the beach that looked like a lobster? Case in point he should have used more sun screen and built up to that type of intense sun. My favorite is when someone has fallen asleep and forgot to put on sunscreen and they had their hand across their face. While that lasts a few weeks until it fades.

Recommendation use self tanners because that will give you the feeling of a tan and you will likely spend less time in the sun. We have Guinot self tanners at Indulge Salon that are healthy and give an even tan.

What else can be waxed besides my bikini line?

April 19, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: waxing

Hey everyone! It’s time again for hair removing worship time.  That means setting up a plan with the waxer every four weeks. You heard that right, every 4 weeks. For those of you that need more attention, the hair can be maintained in between with tweezing but I wouldn’t plan for a full out beach trip with your lover if you are in between waxings. You know what I mean. You may want to keep those shorts on just in case.

I have to tell you this story. When I was hitting the beach regularly I only paid attention to myself and the cute guys that were close to our blanket. I went with my girlfriends. Anyway, we took binoculars because we wanted to know what our options were for the weekend. As we were scanning the landscape with bincoluars, we also were alarmed when we saw something peeking out of the sides of the bathing suits, you know where. Alarmed and appalled we would look at each other and do a quick check. You know how it is. You say hey, look over there, do I look like that , am I sticking out. Don’t let this happen to you. From that point on in my young impressionable life, I’ve always stayed clean and freshly groomed in those areas.

In case you didn’t know what a brazilian wax means I’m here to educate. Brazilian wax is when the waxer takes a stronger wax and applies it to 1/4″ to 1/2″ long hair. She will start in the frot and do the entire front of the labia and all hair that is visible in your girlfriend parts the whole way back on the cheeks/buttocks and all of the areas in between the buttocks. That my friend is a full Brazilian wax. A tip is to make sure you have showered prior to your visit. Be prepared to talk about any sensitivies with other waxing areas that you may be interested so that she knows what she has to do for this visit.

  • be prepared to set up a consistent time and follow up appointment
  • discuss areas to be waxed every time
  • discuss costs

This is the best way to have a conversation and work out the uncomfortable items such has “do you wax nipples?”. We would say yes we  or we will tweeze those hairs that are jutting out. We are not uncomfortable. The client can be read a magazine or they decide to make conversation. The waxer still needs to have concentration on the areas that she is working on especially at the back end. They want to get in and get out. We wax everything except testicles. It is super sensitive and the skin is so tender and thin in some areas that we will not wax them. Stomach is not a big deal, you just have to decide how far up on the stomach that you want to be waxed and the sides of the V shape. Some like a strip down the middle and some like it colored. We have seen it all. We have ultimate job satisfaction for a wax well done

Some myths I would like to debunk. Shaving does not make the hair coarse and tweezing them doesn’t make them grow back any faster. The hair you were born with is how many follicles you have naturally. So relax. Hormones will make the hair change in texture around 3-40. You could lose hair “their” as you age or after children. Everyone person is different.

After a good hair removal/waxing, know that we use an anti bacterial astringent that will clean up and you will feel fresh. We have used cremes that can numb the private areas that are more prone to sensitivity. Don’t be afraid to ask.

We recommend that if you man wants his back waxed for the weekend, send him in by Wednesday so he has tine to get comfortable. The same for our women friends. At least the week of and plan ahead. You don’t want to have red bumps sticking out of your bathing suit. Unsitely!

Sugar and the effects on aging skin

April 17, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

This information will blow your mind. I personally am a huge intaker of sugar. It didn’t happen all at once. It happened about about 16 years ago when my son was in the hospital trying to stay alive. He was 11 weeks old at the time and hooked up to all kinds of machinery to keep him alive. I am happy to say that he is 17 now and still kicking. The point of this story is that I used to have a break during the time he was in intensive rehab and I went to McDonalds to have a break. My break was going through the drive through for a medium diet soda. Yep! Right there I said it. I put my order in for a beverage because I couldnt stomach the food and I paid them their 1.06, they handed it out and boom done. I didn’t have to ask any questions, they didn’t ask me any questions that required difficult decisions and they didnt know me. Even better. Long story short the mental release I get when I drive to McDonalds to this day every morning is all about the habit that was created. I truly have the sugar addiction which then I crave more sugar during the day. I couldn’t stay awake during the night if my son needed me after he was home from the hospital. I did everything to stay awake. If I hadn’t drank at least 4-7 32 oz of soda a day, I would be really tired. I have cut back since then but mentally I didn’t realize what I had been doing to my body. The cells over your body can become numb from taking in all of ththe sugar and then the body produces its own insulin which could cause our body to be resistant and age us eleven to twenty years of life. Some of the effects can become irreversible. But if caught early enough the outcome can be changed.

Blood sugar and insulin overload can lead to these results:

  • obesity
  • clinical depression
  • premature aging of the skin
  • hypertension
  • pandemic killers such as heart disease in women, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons

After this list, we should all quit right? Remember in order to quit something you have to replace with something that is more important to let go of the bad habit. This is a habit that we have told or allowed our bodies to just do it on automatic. Our body can be a traitor by being sneaky during blood tests. Our body is taught to survive so it will do anything to proetect helathy or unhealthy habits. This is why so many people have gone on diets yet to gain all their weight back and more.

To help kick this habit, our body has chemical reactions every day. Billions of transactions are happening without our knowledge. There is a word called Phorylation. this word will contribute to control weight, blood sugar, insulin levels and well lifespan. When insulin is released by the pancreas, it races to our muscle cells. Bottom line,  is this little miracle helps to control the adversary, helps control the insulin and blood sugar. The better insulin management, the younger you look and thinner you remain. Before I run out of space read more about ACCORD (Action to Control cCardiovascular Risk in Diabetes) study. I hope this brief infrioamtion will help you make better choices not just to look younger but to have a committment yourself and your family by cutting back on all those grocery story goodies that are packaged, candy, soda, etc.  Stay tuned on some basic preventative solutions to the sugar highs to reduce that natural insulin.

Prevent, treat and defy the signs of aging hair and skin

April 16, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

At Indulge Salon we can’t stop the aging process but we certainly can slow it down. While we have to

realize that the type of lifestyle we lead can lend itself to speeding up the aging process. Late nights,

to many cheese fries, grease pit food, not enough quality rest, stress, anger, boyfriend issues, husband

issues, children, you name it, etc can have major impact on our biological age.

Age is more than a number. Understand that in biological terms getting older has consequences that

we really don’t like but must manage. Hair can thin out, grey hair gets wiry, dry, brittle and skin of

course will lose it firmness and pigmentation. Those little spots on the side of your face or they first

appear on your hands out of nowhere. There is hope for us, with some simple prevention steps we can

fight the signs of again and maintain a youthful appearance. I am stunned with the general attitude

of women expecting a quick fix to an aging process that has taken years to appear on the skin. If we

do preventative measures by using the proper skin care regime on a daily basis, the effects of aging

are minimized. A myth that if you use the same product that it works forever. That is an untruth.

Our body gets used to whatever we use on the skin and it will be minimized and not take in all the

nutrients it once did therefore our benefits are minimized. However; by using updated products

and customizing them for the season with serums that sink deep into the layers of the skin will

give more benefits and longer lasting. The cremes will will penetrate on the top layer to protect those

serums that had deeply penetrated. There are reasons for these amazing Guinot skin care products

we use that are time tested. If your skin care professional has not updated you and recommendations

it might be time to reinterview some skin care professionals for new and improved products. We are

always checking and comparing whether our products hold up against the newest “thing” on the market.

The “newest” thing is not always the best answer. Most importantly, make sure you always have a SPF

of 15 in your base skin care. This will help prevent hyperpigmentation (dark spots) fine lines, and

broken capillaries and skin cancer.

We recommend that women over 30 use a full regime such as antioxidant masks, anti-aging night

creams with a treatment serum underneath. These serums are like missles that seek out the dry spots

and they are programmed to zero in on increasing the collagen production as long as it has retenol in

the ingredients.

Vegan Vs Animal Tested Body Butter moisturizing

April 15, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

Exclusive Indulge Body Butter Moisturizer created to eliminate dry skin


Exclusive Indulge Body Butter Moisturizer created to eliminate dry skin

Indulge Body Butters 

              All Indulge Soaps and Body butter products are handcrafted for Indulge in small

batches to ensure the freshest, highest quality products available. Soaps will continue

to harden over time. They are moist and fresh and harden as they cure. Soaps with

vanilla fragrance in them may continue to darken in color over time. This is normal

and is a natural part of the moisturizer and soaps. The fragrance will not change. This

information might be helpful about soaps. Our Natural soaps are a customer blend

of Coconut Oil Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Castor Oil, for extra bubbles, and Palm

Kernal Oil with Refined Shea Butter. This amazing soap is then scented with the finest

fragrance oils, many of which are custom blends created by me! This soap has

been created using more updated techniques vs the traditional soapmaking processes.

The Glycerin Soaps are contrary to what many people believe, glycerin is an amazing

ingredient. Glycerin is actually a natural byproduct of the natural soapmaking process.

Its a natural humectant and emollient that absorbs moisture from the air and, therefore,

helps keep moisture in. Glycerin is nontoxic, nonirritating and nonallergenic. In addition

to the high end ingredients in the soap itself, many of our glycerin soaps also contain

the added beenfits of cocoa butter, shea butter and other amazing oils and butters.

Seaweed in skincare rich in minerals, vitamins

April 14, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

I wanted to talk about the minerals, viatmins and amino acids that are loaded in 

in seaweed. The complex values between nutritional to skincare regimes have

known in cultures for centuries. Nice to know we are getting back to basics, however,

with the current technology consumers are taking a closer look at their purchasing

choices that feature more natural ingredients that support their skin from the insdie

out.  Did you know their are biological similiarities between seawater and human plasma.

The balance of nutrients in marine ingredients are similar to what the human tissue

needs. This was explained by Angela Eriksen-Stanley, the director of education for

Phytomer Group.  Our goal at the salon is to enhance and catalyze the skin’s repair

process along with the marine products that will sooth and heal tissue rapidly which we

call cell recovery. The process of the new skin cells coming up from underneath what

you see on the top takes about 38-30 days. To appear younger and keep our skin

younger looking we must work from the inside out by correcting damage underneath

the cells will be repaired and smooth out the skin on top with constant renewal. This is

why so many medspas and salon facial treatments are effective in removing the

dead skin with fruit acids, hyluronic acids to slough off, clean off the dead cells that

accumulate their appearing to “wrinkle”. When we constant remove them from the

surface, our new skin will move to the top quickly and give our skin the fresh look

and more  youthful appearance. Did you know there are over 40,000 species of

seaweed? Fascinating. Thousands of types of algae available, product formulators

have their work cut out which I have experienced. Every little item that you put into

a mixture will have an effect on the result and outcome of the product. One comment

was made believing that peptides extracted from green microalgae Chlorella

provide amazing antiaging benefits. the peptides derived from it provide amino

 acids to the fibroblasts. This helps to make collagen cellulite reduce . The

bacteria Thermus thermophilus contain enzymes that help protect the skin

 itself.  This particular bacertia was found on the coast of Japan in 1971 and

 is extremely stable because of the harsh environment that is was growing in. 

 Though you might find this interesting, as we age Stem cells make repairs to

 our skin, but as we age they slow and even lose their ability to move around

 in the tissue to where repairs are needed.

Do you know what you are really putting on your body?

April 11, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

You know when you put products on your skin and five minutes later and you have to reapply because it just hasn’t stayed. It’s like the cute football player that was really nice to look at but as soon as they open their mouth, your mouth drops open you want to give him back because it doesn’t have substance but was really nice to look at. This totally relates to product ingredients. Just because it smells good and great fragrance doesn’t mean its a great product. There is great diversity in product ingredients that are going into the products at the mall. For example, the second ingredient on your ingredient label called Petroleum is an oil. The equivalent of putting motor oil on your skin. This will penetrate the top layer of skin.

The beginning listing of products on the ingredient label will be the highest concentration of the actual product. The least amount of the product will be in the ending of the list. Keep that in mind for those of you that love to read labels. I’ve had a thorough education in ingredients. I was stunned when I learned how to make our products. Yes, you have to have a thickener but do you really have to have all of those chemicals in products anymore? No you do not. I’ve learned that you have to have some products that will “bind” ingredients together to keep the product together in a form but not necessarily use harsh chemicals. For example, a question that I get often is why do you have to have preservative? Of course, when you are placing your fingers into a tub of  moisturizer at the counter bacteria may have landed on your fingers without you even knowing it. Keep that in mind the next time you want to sample a product. Always use the spatula or dipping item to place the product in your hand. The preservative will KILL the bacteria that may linger after you are long gone. This ingredient will prevent bacteria causing agents to create pimples are other skin disorders that could develope. WE are careful at Indulge Salon with how we apply our products onto your skin.

Egyptian Musk with Citrus is a hit!

April 07, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Uncategorized

Clients are clamouring into the salon and repurchasing the new Egyptian Musk.

It comes in a creme’ pronounced Creme Brulee’. The lotion is really light as

our customers have described. You know I love feedback with any of our

products and services. Our clients have expressed that they don’t like the

“greasy” feel and you know that we don’t want the grease feel on our clothes

linens or anything else our skin comes in contact with. When you use the

Body Butter Bars, remember they are for the ultimate moisturization and then

if you feel that a little scent would enhance your perfume than that would

be a great addition plus the light moisture added. I’m so proud that we don’t

have the junk in our products like so many other moisturizing lines. I know

because I have been seeking out the best products to compare ours to ensure

that our clients are receiving the best result for their skin. If you would like

to share with me your favorite product and why. I would truly love to hear

what you have to say. Thanks for participating. Oh, by the way, we are having

a Sensory Experience April 20th. We will be doing blindfold tests that you

can participate in and feel a variety of textures of creams and lotions. Call

me personally if you are interested. The time is 7p-9p in Dover PA. Call me

at 717.846.4424 to put you on the VIP list. Refreshments and a gift for

participating will be awaiting you!

Enjoy our New Body Butters

October 07, 2009 By: Kimberly Category: Announcements, facial treatments, Guinot Skin Care products, Indulge Body Butter Moisturzing Bars

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal patrons. Without you, we never would be successful.

We are so excited to introduce the NEW Indulge Body butters that are purely original in our formulations that will eliminate the dry skin that is has been tightening our skin this winter. Prevent the dry cracks around the eyes and thickening of the soles by using our new cocoa butter body bar. Can you imagine less time in the bathroom by using a mositurzing bar like no other?

Apply right after you have cleansed your body, remain in the shower or bath with your body being warm and wet. Slide the body butter bar that fits snug into your palm over your neck, shoulders and the rest of your body and down over your heels. Then massage into your skin to get the full effects of the moisturizers in the bar that prevent anymore dryness lurking around the ankles. This body butter bar prevents that uncontrollable itching during the day if your skin has been dehydrated. Pat dry when you hop out of the shower onto a dry spot to prevent slipping. Dry itchy skin will go away.

Feel beautiful when you use our Indulge Body Butters. The glow that comes from using our cremes and lotions are spectacular. All of our products have the essence of Egyptian Musk with a hint of Citrus, Coconut like the beach, Citrus that blooms like sunshine,  Cocoa butter that enhances your natural body chemistry and lastly Unfragranced Ultra refined Cocoa Butter with Soy that gives off the most moisturization without the grease. We have seen drastic changes in our clients skin from using our products. None of the products have overpowering fragrance. Just a hint to lure the unsuspecting in for a closer perusal!

Call Indulge salon today 717.846.4424 or 717.718.4465 for any questions.


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