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Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Treatment

Yes, You Can Cheat Fate!

Just because it’s “in your genes” doesn’t mean you have to live with sagging skin, dark spots, or dark circles under the eyes. These typical signs of mature skin can be reversed with the proper treatment and products. At Indulge, we offer the world’s finest skin regimens developed by the Paris-based Guinot.


New skin radiates youth—and it glows. The three-step Beaute Neuve Double Peeling facial is the perfect treatment for mature skin because it:

Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Facial Treatment

Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Facial Treatment

  • renews the skin with peels composed of natural fruit acids
  • exfoliates the dead cells to reveal the healthy new ones
  • reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • instantly increases cellular regeneration
  • leaves you with a healthy, radiant glow

Time Is Not Your Friend

Over time, the top layer of skin becomes clogged with dehydrated cells that build on top of each other. This creates a “crust” or coating that results in a dull complexion. In skin care, we call this “congested”. It is most noticeable around the cheeks, the sides of the face, and on the forehead.

Turn back time! Just one session with Beaute Neuve’s Double Peeling treatment will help restore a radiant complexion. The best regimen would be to have 4 treatments that allow your skin to BREATHE again.

Best of all, cellular renewal is accelerated, revealing the new youthful you. Schedule your Beaute Neuve Double Peeling treatment now.

Gentle Fruit enzymes has a molecular structure that is different from others which enables them to reach different cellular layers on the surface of the skin. Complex of Natural Sugars are molecules of biological sugars penetrate rapidly to the heart of the upper layers of the skin, instantly re-moiturizing the tissues and create intercellular links that help to smooth the skin.

Guinot Nouvel Eclat Fresh Radiance Exfoliating Peel-Off Mask

Guinot Nouvel Eclat Fresh Radiance Exfoliating Peel-Off MaskNouvel Eclat is a Fresh Radiance Exfoliating Peel-Off Mask. It's like a second skin exfoliating effect that restores natural radiance and smoothes skin in just 15 minutes. a. it will oxygenate the skin by removing impurities and dead cellsb. reveals a radiant compleion, illuminates dull and tired skin c. recreates skin that is visbily fresher and smootherGuinot Creme Beaute Neuve smoothes and refines the skin's texture

Guinot Creme Beaute Neuve is by far more superior than most cremes on the market. This creme will provide a radiant glow moisturizer “Cellular renewal” and will renew the skin through the “peeling”  effect of the gentle fruit acids.
The creme will provide:
a. a new radiance because the newer cells rise to the top of the epidermis (surface skin)
b. visible “peeling” effectiveness without irritating the skin
c. smoothes and refines teh skin’s texture