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Aromatic Treatment

If you love anything organic and natural,
this treatment is for you.

Featuring pure, natural plant concentrates and essential oils, this aromatic facial employs the secrets of the ages to turn back time for your skin. A relaxing facial and neck massage, mask, and aromatherapy make this experience extremely stress-relieving. You’ll return to the rest of your day refreshed and glowing!

The Aromatic treatment will give some lift to your skin due to the pressure-point massage but to a lesser degree than the Hydrodermie treatments. Any of the other lifting or specialized treatments can be added to your session. Ask our skin care specialists for a customized combination of treatments designed around your specific complexion.

This aromatherapy treatment will give you radiant, clear, smooth skin along with a sense of well-being. (Highly recommended for ultra-sensitive skin.)

For emotional relaxation therapy, we recommend 3 sessions or monthly treatments. Please allow an hour plus 15 minutes for this stress-relieving treatment. To set up an appointment, click here.

                                                                                Go Natural!

Natural medicinal products have been around for centuries, helping to heal the “dis-ease” of our bodies. The plant-based concentrates and essential oils in this customized Aromatherapy treatment make your skin more beautiful and radiant. Our trained estheticians apply pressure-point massage to relieve the muscles of tension and stress, all in a rhythmic flow aligned with your breathing. This technique brings your body back to the essence of you. Start letting go of tension today—the natural way!

                                                      De-Stress with customized fragrance!

Essential oils are used to soothe the soul and allow the fragrance notes of the oil to conjure up pleasant memories as you relax. A customized mask with specially selected plant concentrates work in concert to refresh your skin.

Contact us today for your customized Aromatic Facial—and start relaxing right now.

Guinot Aromaterhapy natural skin care

Guinot Aromaterhapy natural skin care